About Emilie

Health & Wellness Coach

Tea Specialist

Emilie is French. She speaks English, Spanish and French fluently and has lived in different countries including France, Portugal, England and Mexico where ancient healing traditions are still alive.

Emilie has a passion about culture, traditions and rituals from around the world. She likes to share her passion for tea, and introducing people to the different traditions rituals of making teas around the World. Her favorite quote is: “Tea is as fascinating and complex as wine” – that is why she enjoys so much learning and studying the Art of Tea. She recently wrote an article on a Local Magazine – Evolving Magazine where she tells the reader how she got into teas and why she loves it so much. To read it click HERE.

Emilie is a Shamanic Ordained Minister and has cultural and linguistic expertise in the fields of health care, complementary and alternative medicine. She is co-owner of Centered Spirit – a Cultural and Holistic Center.

If you want to learn more about Tea or Health and Wellness call Emilie 816-225-9393 or email her at emilie@centeredspirit.com.