Life on purpose – 4/1

Harness the forces of Nature to live your life


  • Imagine! Waking up EXCITED about your day, full of energy and enthusiasm for the life you are living!
  • Imagine feeling healthy, connected to your body and to your intuition.
  • Imagine knowing exactly what to do next and with total confidence!

All of this, and more can be your reality now.  Nature has been doing this a long time and she is good at it.

This 2-day workshop offers the perfect opportunity for you to begin to learn the code and how to unlock it in your own life.  And this program gives you the flexibility of participation at a level and style that meets your needs!

Day 1:

  • Learn the basic building blocks that Nature uses to create everything;
  • ​Discover how these energies work together in a living, unified matrix;
  • ​Develop a deeper understanding of these archetypal energies and how to work with them;
  • ​Learn how to harness these energies to support you in any endeavor.

​Day 2:

  • Explore the gifts you have been unconsciously both using and hiding from yourself;
  • ​Dive deeply into these gifts to discover the mission of your life;
  • ​Formulate that mission into a statement that can govern your future endeavors and give you direction;
  • ​Plug this mission into Nature’s Moving Manifestation Matrix to begin your sacred journey of living your life On Purpose!
  • ​And this workshop is offered both in person and recorded on-line so you have access to the information after the workshop is completed.

Now you can learn her secrets and apply them to begin living the life of your dreams NOW! Learn more

Facilitator: Kathy Daugherty – call:785.633.2424 to bring your dream to life!

Location: Centered Spirit, 8131 Wornall Rd, KCMO 64114