New Moon Ceremony – 10/16

New Moon Ceremony

Monday October 16th | 6-7pm
Location Heart of the Dove
Quan Tracy Cherry – Astrologer, Intuitive, Venus Star Coach
Alex Jackson – Traditional Maya Medicine Practitioner
Fee: by donation ( suggested $10)

The energetic effect is realized in the moon and its control of the tides. Our bodies are composed of water and each New and Full Moon illuminates our ability to set intention (New) and flow to co-create our reality (Full). Simply knowing where the New and Full Moon occur in your natal chart can maximize your manifestation of your inner world of dreams, intuition and vision.

This New Moon in Libra is about balancing the yang (masculine) and yin (feminine) within us all. In most indigenous culture such as Aztec and Mayan they honored the duality within every being. Ceremony and observation of nature demonstrated the unification of these complementary energies and brought community together.

In an ideal world you will see your intention manifesting in your life up to the Full Moon. Hoping you can join us for the Full Moon Ceremony to share your experience with us (Full Moon Ceremony – Saturday November 4th).