Traditional Maya Medicine

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Centered Spirit is a Cultural and Holistic Center specialized in Traditional Maya Medicine a holistic solution to chronic and acute health conditions.

At Centered Spirit we believe in the body’s innate wisdom to find health and achieve balance. We specialize in Maya Traditional Medicine, a holistic solution to chronic and acute health conditions.

Most Common chronic health conditions:

  • acid reflux or GERD
  • IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome )
  • constipation
  • painful menstruation
  • infertility
  • back pain

Each treatment is customized to your own needs, because we believe that every“body” is different.

Maya Traditional Medicine is a combination of simple and effective hands-on techniques such as:

  • Temazcal Therapy
  • Maya Abdominal Massage (including the Arvigo Technique or MAT)
  • Medical Massage
  • Herbal Medicine
  • Nutrition
  • Holistic counseling
  • Cupping
  • Acupressure

At Centered Spirit we treat the cause of the problem and do not only focus on treating the symptoms.

We follow a simple protocol which is to consult, assess & treat people to enhance their health & quality of life.